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Charles O. Bolthrunis, Michael D. Hagan, and Waheed A. Mukaddam of CCTI Publish Fluidization Paper

September 2013

Presented and published for the 13th Engineering Foundation Conference on Fluidization: New Paradigm in Fluidization Engineering    




Fluidization is an important field of both fundamental research and broad industrial applications. This paper presents an example of academic work that has been applied in industry. A case is presented of a solution to a serious operational problem involving fluidization phenomena threatening to cause structural damage to an operating chemical reactor. The process used to analyze the problem and arrive at a probable cause and design solutions are presented. 



With the large volume of academic work published in the field of fluidization phenomena, the authors have frequently found it laborious and time-consuming to locate appropriate published work to apply to the problems that they have faced and to judge the applicability of that work. This paper presents a case in which academic work was extracted from the literature and used in an industrial setting. The authors aim to provide insight ad to how academic work is commonly applied in an industrial setting and thus to give examples of work that they have found useful. 

The case presented describes the solution of a serious operating problem in a pyridine reactor. The problem was particularly serious and urgent and the cause appeared to be some unexpected fluidization phenomenon. This paper presents the reasoning and the scientific work that was used to arrive at a solution. 

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