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Technology Commercialization 

A Client-Centered Approach

Successful commercialization results in a profitable full-scale plant.


Each client brings a unique set of strengths and needs to technology commercialization.   Our clients may approach us with limited bench-scale data early in the development process.  We review the data with the client and together develop a customized roadmap for the commercialization process.  This initial exercise helps to identify knowledge gaps and pinpoint risks.  CCTI then applies our know-how to conceptualize the entire process of commercializing a first-of-a-kind technology.             

We usually provide a conceptual design and an order-of-magnitude capital and operating cost estimate for the envisioned commercial-scale facility very early in the development process.  This first phase identifies the features of the technology that are major economic drivers and areas where development and design data are needed.

Often, development tasks costing time and money can be minimized by utilizing a conservative, cost-effective design approach. Thus, the process design of a commercial plant can be completed in tandem with necessary development tasks, allowing for an accelerated schedule.  This approach minimizes risks by identifying and solving commercial-scale problems early in the development process and reduces time to market.